Pilot Research Program

The Neuromodulation Division aims to support collection of research data that will develop novel lines of research and culminate in the submission of extramural grant applications.  To help achieve these goals, the Division is making available shared research facilities and staff to promote collaborative neuromodulation research.  To facilitate the development of novel research ideas, the Division is providing $20,000 in pilot project funding for the academic year to perform neuromodulation related procedures using these shared resources and personnel.  These resources are also available to researchers on a fee-for-service basis.  These procedures include, either individually or in combination:

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS);
  • TMS compatible electroencephalography (EEG);
  • mobile EEG recordings;
  • three-dimensional digitization of EEG electrode locations;
  • neuronavigated TMS;
  • submillimeter full body motion capture of human subjects;
  • measuring EEG in a virtual reality environment.

All full-time UCLA faculty are eligible to apply for support; postdoctoral fellows may apply with the sponsorship of a full-time faculty member.  Priority will be given to projects that foster collaborations within the Division.

To apply for research support, applicants should submit:

1) a one-page description of the research project in an NIH aims and hypotheses format;

2) a research protocol that has been or will be submitted to the IRB;

3) a brief description of a timeline for completing the research project;

4) a brief description of how the data will be used;

5) a budget based on the Divisional resource price list included.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Protocol Review Committee, consisting of Drs. Andrew Leuchter (Chair), Aimee Hunter, Marco Iacoboni, David Krantz, Nader Pouratian, and Nanthia Suthana.  Investigators are welcome to consult with the Committee prior to submission regarding the details of their research goals or plans.  The Committee may approve any request for use of resources in whole or in part within the constraints of scheduling and available resources.  Priority will be given to protocols that have a specific plan to utilize data generated to support grant applications in the short-term.

To submit your Pilot Research Program Proposal please submit your application with the coversheet below to Alexis Sexton at arsexton@ucla.edu

Click Here to Download Coversheet


Neuromodulation Division Resource Price List
Resource Hourly Rate Additional Fees
EEG  $110.00
Neuronavigation  $80.00
TMS  $90.00 $100 one time entry fee per patient
Motion Capture  $80.00
EEG + Digitization  $140.00
TMS + Neuronavigation  $120.00
TMS + Neuronavigation + EEG  $220.00
Motion Capture + Virtual Reality  $80.00 Custom VR build price upon request
Motion Capture + EEG  $140.00
Motion Capture + EEG + Virtual Reality  $140.00 Custom VR build price upon request